Info-Veranstaltung: Never Without Us

Der Kampf gegen Abtreibungsverbote in Polen und Türkei (en/dt)

Do, 14.09.2017 | 19:00 Uhr | JUP (Florastraße 84 / Pankow)

Eine Veranstaltung im Rahmen von: What the fuck!

This info event includes presentation of ongoing documentary project „Never Without Us“. It seeks to broaden the discussion within Poland where the abortion law is tried to be tightened and where women are rising against it, while to share resistance experiences with women from countries like Turkey where the legal and safe abortion right has the risk of vanishing away. Parts from ongoing documentary project will be shown, explaining both the situation in Poland and the experience of feminist film making process where participants are learning from each other on the way.Followingly there will be short information part about the struggle for safe abortion right in Turkey in 2012 and the current the situation there. After there will be presentation from Ciocia Basia, an organization which supports women travelling from Poland to access safe abortion in Berlin practically.

Es wird eine Flüsterübersetzung auf deutsch geben.

Permanentlink zu diesem Beitrag: https://antifa-nordost.org/6424/infoveranstaltung-never-without-us/